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How To Protect Your Vote And Stay Safe

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Voting and protecting your votes during the elections are like investing in our future, the people we choose now will determine what state Nigeria will be in the next four years, so let’s endeavour to double check our candidates very well before voting. On the day of the elections, we need to protect our votes so the right person wins, but how do we protect our votes and stay safe at the same time during elections? In this article, Biyi Akangbe gives tips on how to be safe and protect your votes.   On election day, before you leave your house make sure these things are in place:
  • Every document that will be required from you to vote on that day should be with you
  • Your phones should be fully charged and loaded with enough airtime and data for internet access
  • Wear free clothes that allow you to move freely and ladies should try to avoid high-heeled shoes
  • If you have kids don’t take them with you and make sure they stay indoors till you get back
  • Make sure anyone you are leaving at home knows were exactly you are going to vote and you should have a means of communication with that person from were you are
  • If available you can take some other useful gadgets like digital cameras, tiny cameras, voice recorders, etc. These will help you record graphic evidence in case of malpractice
  • It is imperative to have an understanding of the rules and regulations of the whole electionering process. This knowledge will give you full understanding of your rights as a voter, what to do and what not to do. This will allow you to challenge with confidence any member of the security forces who tells you that you may not take photographs, or who orders you to leave an area when you have a right to stay. An irresponsible or uninformed act may not only put you in danger, but could also have repercussions.
  Staying safe during such an event also depends on ones observatory skills, you have to take note of your environment and what’s happening around. On getting to your polling units, look around, observe the area and if you like use your social media to report the current state of your unit, a lot of people both abroad and home are observing. If you notice anything strange in the environment don’t hesitate to report to security officials around and always put yourself in safe positions. For examples if you see political thugs fighting or causing trouble, move away from the area as quickly as possible, if you have reached a relativity safe position you can call security operatives and report what’s happening and if possible you can take pictures, audio or video recordings which you can submit to the police later, this will help them catch the perpetrators.   Now apart from staying safe yourself, what you can actually do as an individual to prevent electoral malpractices is minute. As an individual there is very little you can do to stop these malpractices that’s why you have to work more with security officers by giving them all the information they need to perform their duties. What you can do on your own to protect your vote is to wait till the end of the exercise and make sure the ballot papers are counted openly after which you can post the results online for every one to see. In a case were a ballot box is being snatched and made away with keep calm and inform the security by giving them a call and you do not have to endanger yourself by chasing them as they could be heavily armed. Remember, the elections will end but what really matters is your safety. Do not be abused and used by political parties for their evil plots and if your candidate doesn’t emerge a winner you do not have to resolve to violence.
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