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How To Write A Good Safety Policy

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A well-written and easy-to-understand safety policy benefits employees and employers alike. Having a good safety policy to follow saves time and money by helping to prevent accidents in the workplace. An effective policy will help provide safe working conditions for everyone within a company. If a safety policy is not already in place at your place of employment, now is the time to write one. Educating all employees on safe working practices is important and it can save a life.   Instructions Writing a Good Safety Policy   1.Research the OSHA -- Occupational Safety and Health Administration -- for helpful tips on what to look for, even if your business is not located in the United States. If it is located in the U.S., you may qualify for a free on-site consultation in your workplace by an OSHA employee.   2.Attend local safety training courses or online courses, if available. These courses will be very beneficial in opening your eyes to hidden dangers within your company. When you see a potential hazard every day, you may not recognize it as the danger it is.     3.Look at the accident history within your company. Research every accident and incident from the small issue to any large incidents to see where weaknesses are and where improvements can be made. Even something as small as foreign debris in an eye can be prevented with a good safety policy in place.
4.Communicate with other companies. Other companies with a similar work environment may and have a safety policy already in place, and might be willing to share their guidelines with you.
5.Look around your workplace. As you become more familiar with what can cause an accident, you will be able to recognize these possible pitfalls that are specific to your own company.          
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