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Selection of PPE - Body Protection

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Body Protection   Employers must provide body protection for employees if they are threatened with bodily injury while performing theirjobs, and if engineering and administrative controls have failed to eliminate these hazards. Workplace hazards that could cause bodily injury include the following:
  • Intense heat or cold;
  • Splashes of hot metals or liquids;
  • Impact from tools, machinery, and materials; Cuts;
  • Hazardous chemicals;
  • Contact with potentially infectiousmaterials;and
  • Radiation.
  Employers need to provide PPE only for theparts of the body exposed to possible injury. Depending on the hazards in the workplace,the employermay provide employees with one or more of the following: vest, jackets,aprons, coveralls, surgical gown, and full body suits. The use of PPE especially fullbody suits can add to the heat stress and workload of the employees. Workers must be monitored closely for heat stress if required to wear full body suits.
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