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The First Line Of Protection

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Gloves are a critical component of maintaining safety and hygiene standards in foodservice applications. With cutting-edge innovations like our system that minimizes glove contamination, FoodHandler delivers the innovation and quality you need to meet any challenge — safely.   Poly   Poly gloves are best when you need to change gloves often while performing tasks that do not require high levels of dexterity. Economical poly gloves work well for tasks like sandwich making, pre-portioning meats and cheeses and when helping customers at the service counter.
  Vinyl When you need flexibility, comfort and a snug fit, vinyl gloves are ideal. Our durable, formfitting vinyl options provide exceptional fingertip sensitivity and overall superior performance for a variety of food preparation tasks.
  Synthetic Vinyl Synthetic vinyl gloves simulate the tight, yet comfortable fit of latex without the allergy risks that are often associated with latex proteins. Excellent for cutting fruits and vegetables, plating and fast food preparation.
  Latex FoodHandler latex gloves are made from up to 97% daily renewable resources and provide the best barrier protection. Ultra-formfitting and comfortable, they offer reduced hand fatigue when performing tasks requiring ultimate dexterity.
  Nitrile When working with animal fats or citrus you need a long-lasting glove that can stand up to the task. Our nitrile gloves are comfortable and extremely durable. Because nitrile gloves resist breakdown caused by raw meats, oils and acidic fruits, use them when working with raw meats, poultry, and fruit. Nitrile gloves have better chemical resistance than latex and vinyl.   Reusable Reusable industrial strength gloves protect your employees from exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals and products. Many styles are available to keep you covered no matter the job at hand. Reliable, durable and reusable, these gloves help complete difficult tasks like cleaning, scouring and degreasing safely and with ease.
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