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Articles A Brief Comparison: Safety Helmets vs Hard Hat -- Which Is Which?

A Brief Comparison: Safety Helmets vs Hard Hat -- Which Is Which?

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You might think that only those working in the construction industry and have a more industrial environment type of workplace are those in need of ppe for head protection. In reality, all industries need some sort of head protection.

For an in depth overview, a comparison between safety helmets and hard hats can be done since these 2 are usually what you can see in the workplace. Learn more as you read along about what these ppe head protection are about.

PPE for Head Protection

In a more brief overview, you can define head protection as a type of equipment that is specifically designed for overall head protection. This covers the top scalp up until your jaw and what surrounds your head.

Anything that can cause injuries, trauma or burning to your head can be eliminated or lessened with the proper PPE head protection worn. It does not totally eliminate the presence of it but it can help avoid the negative effects. 

Safety Helmets and Hard Hat: The Difference

Although both are known to be a tool and preventive solution for head accidents and injuries when doing tasks in the workplace, there are specific differences between a safety helmet and a hard hat when it is compared.

Either way, the presence of safety helmets and hard hats has given additional options for safety layers and protection in the workplace and it is a need for you to be well informed about it. Here’s a quick overview to help you understand: 

Application: How It Is Used

To achieve the very best of both this head protection ppe’s efficiency, you have to know how it is properly and appropriately used. Through this, a guaranteed security, satisfaction and safety can be achieved.

For hard hats, it is best used when the workplace environment is filled with elements that can cause injuries from hard collision or impact of external forces. Safety helmets can be used in a more low-risk environment in general.

Design: From What It Is Made Out Of

Through the years, many innovations and upgrades have been put into these types of head protection ppe to add special layers of guarding and protection for the wearer’s safety. Differences are still evident when closely examined.

When you are in need of a more lightweight material like ones made from plastic or polystyrene, then a safety helmet can suffice. Hard hats are more “heavy-duty” as it is made of fiberglass or even Kevlar.

Features: What Type Of Protection It Gives

When it comes to the specific feature it has for protection, both are generally the same in a sense where the two are mainly used for protecting the wearer from getting injured in the head regardless of the impact source.

A slight consideration is needed where a safety helmet is used to protect the head covering up to 360 degrees in total. A hard hat is used in particular for any falling object that might hit your head lessening the cause of injuries. 

Why Head Protection Is Important

There are numerous risks and hazards ready to negatively affect you in the workplace especially if the task at hand is high-risk in nature. With just this fact, an increase for the need to have head protection is strictly established.

Wearing safety helmets and hard hats in the workplace are emphasized by local government offices in line with the regulations of international organizations like ILO, ISO and OSHA. Here is why it is important to do such:

·       To avoid head injuries from incidents and accidents

·       For added layer of protection and safety for your head in the workplace as you do your tasks

·       It is a strict law and regulation to be followed

·       Incurring fines and penalties due to non-compliance will be waived

·       Establishes a strong and proactive safety culture in the workplace by setting a standard and good example

The Final Verdict

No matter the industry and workplace environment, safety helmets and hard hats are a good solution for head protection. Always ensure that you are well-informed about the exact specification and usage of these products.

This way, a more beneficial result and appropriate effect to the user will be achieved whenever these head protection ppe is being used when doing a task or job at hand.


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