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Are we prepared for an earthquake

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The July 16, 1990 earthquake.

This magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Luzon, Philippines causing severe damages to major cities (Dagupan, Baguio, and Cabanatuan), to buildings, infrastructures, and properties estimated cost of which is around ten billion pesos.  But more than the monetary damage cost, the July 16 earthquake claimed around 1,621 lives.

Even if the Philippines records a minimum of five earthquakes per day with at least a hundred earthquakes being felt yearly, such devastating tremor as the July 16 earthquake could not be regarded lightly and in fact, is truly a major concern for the entire nation.

When the consequences of the disaster has all been felt and experienced by all those affected, we come to one of the most important questions that could be asked: how could such a huge tragedy result into an even more enormous aftermath?  Is there some ways that the damage could have been prevented or even minimized?

This article intends to discuss the possible, available and doable precautionary measures that could have been done, and should be done in practice, by all concerned agencies and organizations (public and private) as well as individual people – the common “tao” who are very much defenseless in terms of suffering from the disaster.

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