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Articles DIGITALIZING SAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENT AS THE NEW NORMAL: An overview of the Automation of Occupational, Enviornment, Health and Safety Management during the COVID19 pandemic

DIGITALIZING SAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENT AS THE NEW NORMAL: An overview of the Automation of Occupational, Enviornment, Health and Safety Management during the COVID19 pandemic

Principal Author / Publisher:Alexia Mangansakan

Last Edited: Mar 4, 2021 By: Alexia Mangansakan

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The COVID19 virus that spread throughout borders and have affected so many lives and its underlying factors – Jobs, Celebrations, Businesses etc. It is the “major plot twist” this year had and we did not foresee. So much for the -- “2020 will be my year.”, “Plot Twist please, 2020.”, “Fast forward to 2020.” usual quotations we see in social media posts, comments, etc. thinking that the said year will be full of positivity.

The world says otherwise.

Since the start of this global crisis, everything was put on hold and a “new normal” in our way of living is introduced. To be able to adapt and be able to continue the operations of the business sector. Digitalization is at its peak all the more now that the world is experiencing this global pandemic. The shifting of all businesses (that are still in traditional settings) to a more digitalized unit is slowly developing thus more ways of innovation in business planning and operations are discovered.

Amidst this abrupt and negative change, a positive way of business continuity in the OSH and EHS world, is given the opportunity to introduce the trend of automation and digitalization for its management. In partnership with the workforce of man as an individual operator, it creates a shift and work culture that is accessible, concise and technologically advanced. It is perfect for the modern setting these days where data is consolidated and automated and lets you harness all the information needed contactless with just a click away – anytime, anywhere. With the presence of OSH/EHS software automation, it allows the mental and physical workload of the operator to be reduced thus enabling less mental stress such as psychological burnouts in relation to daily work tasks, experience vast technical innovations, precise data analytics, real-time monitoring and an orderly consolidation of all data and metrics with no further infrastructure needed.

The shift (to automation and digitalization) that we are now experiencing for EHS in particular, not just involves technical advancements but also goes toward the direction of total productivity for the operator by being covered and prepared in terms of Health and Safety during this time of the COVID-19 crisis and be able to still achieve advancements in over-all organizational targets and possible return of investment for your business.

Here are a few key points that highlight the capabilities of EHS automation as a solution that particularly ­­­address the safety and health concerns of today’s worldwide crisis:

It is cloud based. With this feature transferring data and information can be accessed contactless and without any physical presence. Physical or social distancing compliant indeed.

It has modules in Compliance, Incident and Risk. Management of your organizations compliance when it comes to this pandemic’s health and safety protocols can be done with ease and precision as the automation of EHS Management features tracking and record keeping of your workforce’s assurance when it comes to practicing and abiding organizational, government safety measures and WHO (World Health Organization) standards of health protocols in hopes of containing and eventually eliminating the virus. Such illness, incident or cases involving the virus can also be noted and contained to stop spreading with the ability of this solution to foresee additional risks and incidents that can happen within your organization. Luckily, it is designed as well to have a feature of a step-by-step analysis that can present you the root cause and end with your permanent conclusion on how to be safe and protected.

It assures you its security and privacy. Medical records, Personal Information and other data is recorded and safekept because of its ability to be secure and respect data privacy. When the worse comes, asymptomatic patients or positive patients with COVID19 are ensured total anonymity to the public and is not divulged to not cause any discrimination and panic. The administrator and the system are the only ones who can see and track how quarantine protocols are in effect and other measures to be able to save the life of its employee and the organization’s entirely.

We don’t know when this virus ends but until then, automation and digitalization particularly for the OSH/ESH management in this setting is perfectly timed. With this shift, we can assure that the longevity of production continues. It is also a perfect investment since it can carry on with or without this pandemic. It is safe to say that, OSH and ESH has always been ready for the Digital age with or without the presence of such crisis like the COVID-19. 

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