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Fire Safety Guidelines For Children

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The instances of fire outbreaks resulting from children playing with harmful substances are not rare. They don't realize how dangerous these things can be and therefore, the onus is on you to make them understand the hazards involved.
According to the United States Fire Administration, children aged 5 or below are at a greater risk in case of fire outbreak. The fact that this age group constitutes 12 percent of the total deaths due to fire aptly backs the fire administration's view. In homes, a fire is most likely to start in places where children are left alone to play, like the bedroom or living room. It's important to educate your child about the possible dangers of a fire and basics of fire safety. Precautionary Measures to Keep Your Children Safe
Dangerous objects should be kept away from their reach.
Inflammable liquids, like gasoline or ethyl, are best kept out of their reach.
Matches and lighters are not toys; don't let children play with them.
Make sure that your child is not wearing loose clothes when in the kitchen.
Do not allow children in the kitchen, unless they have some adult accompanying them.
Do not allow them to use electrical appliances, such as a heater or geyser, on their own.
Never let them play with electrical chords or sockets.
Make sure they don't remove the battery from the smoke alarm, or tamper with it.
Basically, whenever kids are dealing with any combustible substance, you need to make sure that they are accompanied by adults. Fire Safety Tips Your Children Ought to Know
The first and foremost thing, avoid panicking.
Make sure you leave the house as soon as you can, instead of searching for things.
Hiding below the bed or in a closet is not a good idea during a fire outbreak.
If the room is filled with smoke, get down on the ground. Being closer to the floor makes breathing easier.
Before trying to open the door and running out of the room, check the door by touching it. If it's too hot don't try to open it.
If you can't escape through the door, look out for some other option, like the window.
Once out, never enter the house again.
As soon as you are at some safe place, call 911 or the fire department.
If your clothes catch fire ...
Don't try to run, stop where you are; running around will only spread flames.
Drop on the ground and try to extinguish the fire by rolling on the ground.
Cover your face?nose and mouth in particular?with your hands.
Use a thick blanket or a towel to douse the flames.
As a parent, it's your duty to educate your children about the hazards of fire and how to be safe from it. One can understand children being inquisitive about flames, but once they realize how dangerous these flames can be, they will themselves start taking the necessary precautions.

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