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Nail Gun Safety

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When using a nail gun, certain dos and don'ts need to be followed to prevent any kind of mishap. These tools can be dangerous if handled inappropriately.
With the invention of nail guns (also known as nailers), the use of traditional hammers to fix nails on any wooden and other building material has become outdated. While there are different types of nailers such as the electric and cordless ones, the most commonly used are the pneumatic air guns that makes use of an air compressor to eject the nails onto the target. Basically, a nail gun has a handle, a barrel and a trigger to shoot out the nails. This tool can rapidly fire nails one after another into the surface to be nailed. Precautions While Handling the Tool In recent years, nail gun accidents have increased tremendously. So, to avoid any mishaps, here are some precautionary measures that need to be followed when operating a nailer.
Before using this tool, carefully go through the owner's manual. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure safety. You can also take the help of people who have a good experience in operating this tool. Discuss what are the safe operating procedures to avoid any kind of injury.
This tool comes with numerous safety features to prevent any sort of mishap. So under any circumstances, these safety devices should not be tampered or modified. During maintenance or loading the gun with nails, disconnect the gun from its power source.
Do not forget to wear soundproof ear protectors, and safety glasses that have side shields or else you can go for face shields. This kind of protection is a must whenever operating this tool.
In case you are using a pneumatic nail gun, make use of compressed gas to operate the tool. Bottled gas is not suitable for nailers. The air pressure for a pneumatic nail gun should also not exceed beyond a certain limit.
Using the tool around flammable objects should also be avoided.
Ensure that the tool is not within the reach of other people, especially children who have no knowledge about its working. While nailing a piece, ensure that your opposite hand (free hand) is at least one foot away from the tool.
Unnecessary do not hold the trigger if you are not firing the tool.
Ignoring the maintenance of this tool can lead to fatal injuries while operating the gun. So, proper maintenance on a regular basis is necessary and will ensure smooth functioning of the tool for years to come.
One has to be extremely cautious in handling the gun. A minor slip will cause the nail to be ejected somewhere else.
Using old, rusted nails can affect the working capability of the gun as it can lead to misfiring or a jam. To be on the safer side, use clean nails. You are also advised to use appropriate type of nails in your nailer.
Nail Gun Accidents It has been observed that after the nails hit the target, they rebound back and may injure the face of the operator. Sometimes, the nail strikes the target so hard that it passes through the material, causing injury to a person standing behind the nailing surface. Nails hitting electrical wires can also cause a lot of trouble. In most cases, the force of the nailing breaks away the material which many times bounces back and hits the operator itself.

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