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Natural Calamity

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A natural calamity is the effect of a natural hazard which affects the environment. The events simply are not hazards without human involvement or may be happening by we make the global warming. The Natural Calamities found often such as flood, landslide, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, volcano eruption, earthquake.
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1 Geological disasters

    1.1 Avalanches
    1.2 Earthquakes
    1.3 Volcanic eruptions

2 Hydrological disasters

    2.1 Floods
    2.2 Limnic eruptions
    2.3 Tsunamis

3 Meteorological disasters

    3.1 Blizzards
    3.2 Cyclonic storms
    3.3 Droughts
    3.4 Hailstorms
    3.5 Heat waves
    3.6 Tornadoes

4 Fires
5 Health disasters

    5.1 Epidemics

6 Space disasters

    6.1 Impact events
    6.2 Solar flares
    6.3 Gamma ray burst

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