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Articles Occupational Safety and Health: Its Current Status and Where It Should Go To ( A Focus Discussion Group Point Of View)

Occupational Safety and Health: Its Current Status and Where It Should Go To ( A Focus Discussion Group Point Of View)

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At Rethink I.T., Inc. we ensure that the products we offer are of standard and will be accepted by our target audience. We see to it that we make the target market our direct source so we can cater them our product better and make it as personalized for them as possible.

To be able to establish the visibility and acceptance of our Rethink Safety Business line, particularly for the PHILIPPINES’ PIONEER AND ONLY SAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARERethinkEHS, we have sent out a Focus Discussion Group tasked to check out the current state of OSH Professionals and their way of management through making them attend a BOSH (Basic Occupational Safety and Health) training.

This way we can continuously be able to solve the pain points of how the current status of OSH Management and Organizational Safety in the workplace is now using the Safety and Risk Management Software Solutions we have developed and created.


Here is what they have to share with regards to their experience:

What did you learn from the recently conducted BOSH Training you attended and what state of management process are they in at this day and age?

Jordan: I gained deeper understanding of occupational safety and health as well as the necessity for BOSH in both our personal and professional lives. It is a bit frustrating for our OSH Professionals that they have not yet explored automating their manual way of doing safety reports and documentation that is highly beneficial for them as it makes their jobs easier and more accurate.

Mary: I learned in our BOSH Training how to prepare future safety officers to execute their firm’s occupational safety and health policies. I also learned that it is a very manual and stressful process for OSH professionals since there is no proper introduction for them in using a tool to help them in managing all their administrative tasks and reports.


Juan: I learned through BOSH that being a safety officer is hard mainly when they’re using a manual way of documenting. When done manually, the accident reports, identifying risk, calculating risk, conducting risk assessment and all others are time consuming and can be inaccurate in their representation of data thus risking the safety and health of the company’s employees and the organization in total.


Arlan: BOSH training taught me about how we can eliminate and reduce occupational safety and health hazard in our workplace. Through keen observations, we can identify possible hazards and risks. I have seen personally that they do tons of reports and administrative tasks manually losing their very primary responsibility which is the actual management of safety in the workplace.  The need for all OSH professionals and management in adapting to a possible software solution like RethinkEHS, a safety management software solution -- that can help in how we can prevent and minimize incidents and accidents is also highly recommended as it can help in doing reports and administrative tasks efficiently and seamlessly.


Juvy: I have learn a lot from BOSH TRAINING especially in benefits and claims. As an HR/ADMIN Officer, it was a big help to know the process of benefits that we can get from our government. I learned that OSH management is still done with pen and paper and manual documentation. It is more convenient if the process will be automated because it will facilitate and speed up its processing without having to be inaccurate. Same goes with resolving issues concerning safety and hazards in the company.


Vince: As I have learned in my BOSH training, a Safety officer and their practices and procedures for inspecting incidents and hazards are all manually operated, checking them floor to floor and place to place. This is still inadequate. It needs to adapt to the new norm which is advancing its procedures into a more technological and automated model to stop incidents and hazards before it occurs and relieving the said professionals of the stressful way of consolidating all their data and analytics.

Why do you think Automation can help in making Safety and Risk Management simplified?

Jordan: Process Automation lowers the operational risk of injury by eliminating employees from hazardous job practices. In cases of enterprises that are dependent on compliance standards, risk automation is the process of utilizing governance, risk, and compliance tools to manage it more programmatically or seamlessly.

Mary: Using a safety management software that aids in automation can reduce the risk of accidents, it can also help us to avoid and prevent workplace injuries, resulting in a safer workplace for the employee in the company. It can also reduce the chance of harm to its workers by automating the tracking and data analytics of hazardous or physical activities.

Juan: Automation of everything about Safety and Risk management can beneficial to employees, employers and stake holders. Having an automated system that can document reports of accidents, calculated risks can help any company have a safer workplace, mitigate risks, fines and lessen expenses and control costs.

Arlan: Today, all things are automated because a lot of people are using technology. Tech-based automation can be useful especially in creating Safety and Risk data that is accurate and error-free. Automated solutions that cater to OSH management can help lower the likelihood of accidents and work-related injuries, making the workplace safer for everyone. Uptime and productivity will rise as a result of making the workplace safer.

Juvy: Although automation is not the only way to help improve safety in the manufacturing environment, it does play a positive role in decreasing accidents. Safety automation software makes it easy for companies to update safety protocols and create a plan of action in the case of an emergency. In addition, it can all be done in a quick and efficient way that does not disrupt normal operations.

Vince: Nowadays, most of us benefit from the use of technology, utilizing it as an advantage to our daily work and lifestyle. The convenience of using automation (or someday, improving it into A.I) is what Safety and Risk Management needs to assist better Safety Officers for a more manageable experience, thus, reducing risks and incidents and less procedures needed for administrative work and more focus is put on the actual safety managing for the organization and employees.

Why is RethinkEHS the BEST SOLUTION to use for Safety and Risk Management?

Jordan: The ideal option is RethinkEHS – safety management system since it offers a comprehensive tool for safety management that helps businesses manage hazards more successfully while also enhancing overall performance. The accessibility of this system or software can be anytime and anywhere with just an internet connection which is convenient and efficient for the user or Safety Professional.

Mary: As I have witnessed personally, RethinkEHS is a big help because it provides safety information. It's also a big help to companies because you can use it for the safety of your employees and to be updated on what will happen around us. The RethinkEHS system is also user-friendly and accessible, and it also covers safety and risk management.

Juan: RethinkEHS is highly recommended to all Safety Professionals because it has all the tools that a safety officer needs, it consists of 7 modules like compliance management, incident management, risk management and others it also offers a comprehensive tool for safety management that helps businesses manage hazards more successfully while also enhancing overall performance.

To streamline their work processes and increase productivity, safety officials can use the thorough tracking and reporting features provided by system. Additionally, it pinpoints risk factors and issue regions, enhances data management and accuracy, lessens the frequency of workplace accidents, and upholds management requirements for required reporting. Therefore it lowers the danger to our employees and assist the business in saving money for incidental expenses.

Arlan: It is because as a Safety Management Software Solution, RethinkEHS is very accessible and it covers all the risk that can happen in certain places. The system gives precautionary warnings to users to prevent and avoid the repetition of an accident or incident. It also gives proactive solutions on how to minimize an accident so it won’t happen again. Users can easily know how many accidents happen in a certain place and how those accidents are being resolved in real-time and in a centralized system.

Juvy: I am confident that RethinkEHS is the best solution to use for safety management aside from being the pioneer in automation in safety and risk management in the Philippines the system it is sure of quality and DOLE OSH Standards (Philippines) yet can be customized into a global standard of safety standards. They can customize it based on what you want, to fit your company's requirements.

Vince: We’re in the generation where our productivity improves with the use of automation. RethinkEHS enhances Safety and Risk Management and makes it more convenient and suitable for OSH professionals in need. It will allow any organization to have a Cost-effective operation, get better use of resources and have efficient management operations. The connectivity is also an advantage for it provides a centralized and efficient communication channel within a network and on a wide-scale that is both accessible, secure and easy.


SEEING IS BELIEVING. It is not enough that you just read about it and imagine how your safety and risk management will be with an automation tool that can help you better your overall safety process, culture and management in your organization. See our RethinkEHS Introductory video for a quick explainer of how it is beneficial for your workplace and employee safety. Check out the list of successful and long-term clients RethinkEHS has as well.

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