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Articles PHILSME Business Expo 2023: Rethink I.T., Inc. Promotes Products to Public, Gets Great Overall Experience and Remarks From Spectators

PHILSME Business Expo 2023: Rethink I.T., Inc. Promotes Products to Public, Gets Great Overall Experience and Remarks From Spectators

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Written by: Bianca Alexia V. Mangansakan


May 05-06, 2023, SMX Convention Center (Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines) – The 13th Philippine Business Expo (PHILSME) was a 2-day event filled with visitors, spectators and exhibitors from all areas in the country and other businesses from other regions in the world.

Through this conference or networking event, thousands of companies and business owners were able to promote their brand to the public and were able to generate new sales leads which are considered good connections for their growth. The exposure that the companies got has led to new business relationships needed to reach their exact target market.

Exhibitors present in the event are the fairly common and usual offerings many has known in the market today such as: Food and Beverage businesses, HR and Logistic solutions, Financing Solutions, Hotels and Resorts and Marketing solutions. 

One of the exhibitors who joined this prestigious and well-known business event is the brand and company that is Rethink I.T., Inc. – leader in management software solutions and the creators and developers of the Philippines’ very first safety and risk management software (RethinkEHS).

What this company provides is the most unique and outstanding of all as it is the only one of its kind being promoted at the said PHILSME event. This made them receive great remarks and compliments from fellow exhibitors and spectators alike.

Many of those comments and sentiments from those who have seen a quick overview of the system are stating that it is the very first time that they have discovered RethinkEHS, a software solution for risk management and Occupational Safety and Health that is made in the Philippines and not abroad.

Many business opportunities for potential product partnerships were offered for RethinkEHS as well since there are little to no players at all in the IT Industry in the Philippines that offers this niche to the market and is an expert in automating OSH and risk management.

Indeed, RethinkEHS is “Proudly Filipino Made and Globally Competitive”. With its readily available modules for Safety and Risk management, any organization can make their standard operating procedures and business as usual operations for safety and risk management simplified, digitized and efficient

You too can SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! Contact the Rethink I.T., Inc. team for a FREE DEMO and SYSTEMS’ Walkthrough via or You may call via +639 08812 0499 for mobile as well. Visit their website for more information. 

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