OSH and ESH in the Millennial Mind

Ah yes, Millennials. Am I right?

Here’s to the generation that society thinks as narcissistic, entitled and coddled. But honestly, these traits are just mistaken for them being opinionated, outspoken and frank when it comes to saying how they feel towards an issue. Due to the difference in the time of when they were raised, mindsets are often faced in a very different perspective from their predecessors. Being born between 1981-2000s, this was during the time when “digital”, “social” and “internet” was also making its way into the picture thus it makes them the “first-blood” in the experience. Millennials tend to have a fancy in instant, direct and all the more engaging type of work, lifestyle and content because of this.

Millennials share one of the largest factions in the workplace to date. In truth, they are known to be the youngest generation that is involved in tackling Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health in the workplace due to this generation’s exposure and awareness to the different crisis that once happened especially in the Philippines. In example: the spread of SARS, typhoon Ondoy, Volcanic Ash spewing of Taal and the latest COVID-19 Pandemic. Another factor is that since us Millennials (YES, I am a Millennial.) are very much exposed to those mentioned above, we vowed to take our (and the people around us) well-being’s safety whether physical or mental, seriously and with utmost importance.

 To continue and capture the spark of interest and ensure that they partake in OSH and ESH and what it can benefit them, here are a few trends that entice the Millennial Mind: 

        MAKE SAFETY SOCIAL.  Discuss with them and make them involved through making Safety and Health awareness for Occupation and Environment social. Create communities or groups through Social Media or in your workplace and make them feels that their voices are heard and that it matters through asking them what they think about certain topics. make polls or creative hashtags where they can share their opinions and insights through content.

      MAKE CREATIVE CONTENT ABOUT SAFETY. Videos, Podcasts, infographics even an advertising jingle can do the works! Creativity flows freely in the Millennial mind so do not be afraid to create creative, trendy, hip yet valuable content that highlights everything about practices in safety and health.

          MENTOR THEM SO THEY HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO LEAD. Millennials, though outspoken and very much opinionated, are actually not that confident on the inside. They just make up for it in trying to be such. That is why, they appreciate it when they are mentored well by their superiors and be given a chance to lead in terms of volunteer work, seminars, programs etc. to be able to further reach full potential. Plus, they are fast learners and very much adaptable to change so no need to worry! So next time, don’t be afraid to “let them loose” and lead when you have another Safety and Health Seminar or events.

           MAKE IT DIGITAL. Millennials are fast learners and thus tasks sometimes make them bored easily. In general, when what is in front of them takes time and tend to make them work as much, they tend to just forget about it usually. “Work smart not hard” is a Millennials’ mindset. If they can make a certain work not as overwhelming, they will grab that opportunity. So, I suggest partnering a task with a solution that creates Automation and Digitalization for work is your ‘go-to”. Do not afraid to shift to these types of products. Think of it as your investment for the company since everyone, not just Millennials can use them. Wait until you see the difference in their work. Quicker yet more efficient and productive work can do much wonders to your company.

In conclusion, the misunderstanding that they are “all about the spotlight” and less likely to be more participative in organizational activities, are actually just a misconception. Based on my experience, we are actually more than willing to be part of those things, most especially discussing the benefits and spreading awareness of how we can achieve fullness of productivity to be able to reach goals and reach return of investment for the business while working. Millennials just need the right type of environment, support group and materials. Just like any other generation.

So, go ahead and don’t be afraid to take on the Millennial mind and instill in them all the more OSH and ESH in their perspective and for sure you’ll be surprised on how they accept it.


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