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Articles Rethink Safety and Technology’s Disruptive Potential: A Successful Webinar Event For The Year 2022

Rethink Safety and Technology’s Disruptive Potential: A Successful Webinar Event For The Year 2022

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26 OCTOBER 2022 (Manila, Philippines)Rethink I.T., Inc. –Leader in Management Software Solutions, with the support and use of their online community of Occupational Safety and Health professionals all around the world through SafetyHow, have organized yet another webinar and lecture for FREE about discovering the disruptive potential of technology and the capabilities of the physical workforce put together, and what advancements it can contribute to Occupational Safety and Health Management. Participants ranging from the Philippines all the way to KSA (Kingdom or Saudi Arabia) were given E-certificates upon completing the said lecture. They also enjoyed some of the freebies and raffle prizes arranged by the said organizers of the online event.

“Rethink Safety and Technology’s Disruptive Potential” is this organization’s way of helping out in educating and informing the public about the positive and disruptive potential of technology in making better and efficient ways of managing Occupational Safety and Health in any company or organization. With the expertise of a certified OSH Consultant and IT Expert leading the said lecture and entertaining direct queries from the online audience for the question and answer portion of the webinar, they have been able to convince and lay out to their participants that applying cloud-based systems or software to aid them and automate their manual way of managing their daily Occupational Safety and Health tasks is beneficial to all areas of the business and their organization in total.

Rethink I.T., Inc. has highlighted the symbiotic relationship between technology as the system software and the physical workforce as the user in the dynamic of automating safety and risk management. With RethinkEHS as a Safety and Risk Management Software, occupational safety and health professionals can now access their data and metrics anytime and anywhere making Safety Simplified. It is a comprehensive tool for complying with required standards, resolving risks and hazards present in the workplace, enabling organizations to function effectively through developing a proactive safety culture. This aids in enabling the organization to be prepared for whatever crisis they might face and continue to be resilient with their operations and business. RethinkEHS is a safety and risk management automation software that is PROUDLY FILIPINO MADE and IS GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE AND CAPABLE.

Apart from having to witness up-close and personal this PIONEER SAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENT IN THE PHILIPPINES, participants from the event are automatically part of an online social collaboration platform that aims to improve and strengthen and improve workplace health & safety through SafetyHow. Occupational Safety and Health Professionals all around the world can be part of this initiative for FREE and be able to share and learn best practices of safety from the online community present in it. They can also be a part of the ANNUALLY conducted FREE WEBINAR with E-Certification as one of their perks and privileges as a registered member. Create an account, Connect, interact and communicate with fellow safety professionals, advocates and consultants all through this centralized internet portal specifically developed by Rethink I.T., Inc. for the OSH community. 


Contact our team for a FREE DEMO/CONSULTATION and system’s walkthrough online or face to face. Email us via or visit our website to fill up a “Request Demo” form to schedule a meeting with us and speak to our official RETHINKERS. (Rethink I.T., Inc. Sales Representatives.)


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