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Articles Rethink Safety with Rethink I.T., Inc.: Given A Warm and Privileged Welcome At SOPI 2022

Rethink Safety with Rethink I.T., Inc.: Given A Warm and Privileged Welcome At SOPI 2022

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NOVEMBER 09-10 2022, Hotel Rembrandt, Quezon City - The Safety Organization of the Philippines or SOPI celebrated their 54th National Industrial Safety Conference with the theme: “Growing OSH Concerns, Gaining Creative Innovation and Development.”

This gathering has audiences from all over the Philippines that are comprised of individuals involved in the practice of Occupational Safety and Health and also Safety Consultants/Practitioners that are ready to share their insights and expertise about where the direction and trajectory of OSH is now and other related matters alongside it.

With topics discussed: Process Safety, Risk Management, Building A Better Safety Climate, Workplace Safety Issues-Post-Covid, Increasing Productivity with EHS Automation and so much more related to innovation and continuous development on the practice of OSH and the Environment as well.

Having said these, Rethink I.T., Inc. – Leader in Management Software Solutions and the creators and developers of the PHILIPIINES’ PIONEER AND ONLY Safety and Risk Management Software Solution, was given an opportunity in this event to present and promote their automation tool to all the safety professionals gathered and highlight the benefits and capabilities of their product specifically created for the OSH community and their everyday workload.

RethinkEHS – is a safety and risk management solution that aims to make “SAFETY SIMPLIFIED”. It is the very first safety and risk management automation tool that is PROUDLY FILIPINO MADE and is GLOBALLY COMPETITVE AND CAPABLE that allows users to access all their data anytime and anywhere.

It has available modules that are sure to be of service to Safety Officers and OSH professionals alike such as:

·       HIRAC

·        Incident Reporting & Investigation

·        Safety Observations

·       Permits & Licenses Management

·        Events/Meetings Management

·       Compliance/Safety Inspections

·       Content/Document Library

·       COVID-19 checklist Feature and more

In the said SOPI event, spectators and even fellow speakers were delighted and relieved that this automation tool is now present and is starting to penetrate the Philippine audience as it creates convenience to all of them such as:

·       Less stressful administrative work due to the automation feature thus increased productivity

·       presents accurate data representation and projections based on data input in the system

·       helps in creating a proactive safety culture in the workplace

·       Eliminates the occurrence and unnecessary expenses from incidents, accidents and non-compliance

The attendees in the SOPI convention were convinced that with this EHS Automation being introduced to the OSH community in the Philippines, a greater innovation and resolution for all concerns are addressed in a creative and progressive manner. As the world evolves into a more digital nature, the management process and strategy of all OSH agenda should adapt to this change for it not to be obsolete.

From the warm and positive response of the attendees, to the delight and interest shown by the speakers and fellow professionals in the 2022 SOPI event, this initiative proves to be a promising and effective change set to change the course of how Safety and Risk in the workplace is managed, strengthened and improved.


Visit the Rethink I.T., Inc. website and fill up the REQUEST DEMO FORM to be able to set a FREE DEMO and CONSULTATION today!


Or email an OFFICIAL RETHINKER (Rethink I.T., Inc. Representative) at for further assistance. 

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