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Articles Running a small construction site? What you need to know as a busy builder

Running a small construction site? What you need to know as a busy builder

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Want to run a successful construction site?

These are the essential health and safety top tips you should follow if you run a construction site, even if you don’t directly employ the people working there.

  • Keep your site clean and tidy, with clear space for people to work in.
  • Keep people, including the public, away from danger – fence the site off and use signs to warn people.
  • Make sure structures, such as walls, are kept safe, and demolition work is properly planned and workers know what to do.
  • Use only 110 volt or battery-operated portable tools and safe electrical supplies.
  • Make sure trenches and excavations don’t collapse and ensure people cannot fall into them.
  • Make sure workers cannot fall from height – working from ladders is allowed only as a last resort.
  • Provide welfare facilities on site or close by – see the ‘Welfare facilities’ information sheet.
  • Make sure the people on your site are trained to do the work safely.

This is just a summary – you can find out what else you need to know about health and safety by visiting
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What can happen if health and safety is ignored?
A young worker with no training or instruction was left unsupervised to demolish a high wall known to be unsafe. The young worker was killed when the wall collapsed on him. The builder was convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for three years.

Examples of Unacceptable and Good Practice...
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