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Articles Safety, Internet, and Social: The Trifecta That Works Wonders

Safety, Internet, and Social: The Trifecta That Works Wonders

Principal Author / Publisher:Alexia Mangansakan

Last Edited: Mar 24, 2021 By: Alexia Mangansakan

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During the development process of the Internet, it is notable that it has become more powerful due to its ability to have reached a broad and wide spectrum of users and achieve engagement via innovation in the form of social media and its accessibility for all audiences around the globe. These days, Social Media is a fast growing platforms using the internet that benefits all fields of occupation by using it to inform, communicate, share and learn better. The varieties of social using the power of the internet and World Wide Web has evolved and adapted to the changes resulting innovations in respective social media platforms that are user friendly for their audience.

From content sharing websites — such as YouTube (video sharing), social networking sites — e.g. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, various blogs and micro-blogs -- including Twitter; collaborative working sites — like Google Docs; Internet forums and review sites; various websites enabling interaction and cooperation of their users, including websites such as Wikipedia, opinion sites — e.g. Yahoo Answers, the content attached to these social platforms have also grown into learning, communication and collaboration central for the internet and world wide web. Social is defined as people who are joined by a common interest. Indeed, Social Media is a great platform to further make Social cohesive and centralized.

In Occupational, Environment Safety and Health – the use of the Internet’s Social Media platforms as sure leverage for capitalizing communication, collaboration, information and real-time data and information sharing has also evolved and adapted well. The shift into automation of management processes powered by the internet for the world of Safety has been the spark needed to turn to Social and use it as a gateway into a network of steady connection and collaboration. Here are a few points that Safety and Social Media: an Effective Tandem, is considered “game changers” in the field of OSH/HSE:

1.    Sharing of Data and Information in Real- time – With the power of the internet and World Wide web, the ability of users to disseminate and share important and critical info and data for safety management purposes is now just a click away. With RethinkEHS—a safety management software created by Rethink I.T.,Inc. – Real time sharing and access of all data, information, records, statistics and even notifications to its users are now easily done. By using the power of automation and the internet, this software is made even smarter ensuring a safer workplace, cohesive management of all their safety and health agenda and seamless communication to all fellow users as well. 

2.     Collaboration that results to breaking barriers thus strengthening relationships and opening added networks – From the birth of Zoom, Google Meet and Skype, standards for platforms for Social collaboration online leveled-up. Using these online social platforms for safety and health means that users are now able to asses, discuss, brainstorm and check on safety issues and concerns like how they do in their toolbox meetings or briefings anytime and anywhere. From the confinements of their workplaces or homes or even on site, they can easily collaborate with one another or as a team to be able to better their safety management. Check out for a concrete example.

3.   Educating audience seamlessly and easily – Continuous learning and refresher trainings are needed for all professionals regardless of their specific field. For Safety Professionals, indeed this is critical since Safety and Health deals with preserving and protecting lives in the workplace and their surroundings or environment. Sharing learning contents in the form of info graphics, photos, videos or ready to view courses online is now easily grasped. With just an internet connection and a social account, you can search endless contents all related to OSH/HSE. SafetyHow, an online social platform created by Rethink I.T., Inc. -- aims to improve workplace health and safety, is specifically created for all OSH/HSE Professionals worldwide and lets you be a member for FREE. Learn alongside Health and Safety professionals alike from around the world. You can check them out at With platforms like this, indeed educating all audiences with OSH/HSE related materials is now made easier.

4.   Communication wonders via messaging apps and social networks – Lastly, communication has been made to run smoothly and seamlessly via the internet and Social Media. Sharing everyday experiences and ideas with fellow Safety professionals and persons concerned is vital for the Safety Industry. The ability to immediately communicate accident-investigation findings and have Immediate access (without travel) to another employee with greater expertise could improve JSAs, Reporting risks and hazards and other forms of HSE/OSH related processes. For Safety, a regular messaging app will not suffice. But through innovation and the power of the internet and Social Media, EHSPulse—the safety messaging app connected to RethinkEHS, has been developed to further study and analyze whatever reported or communicated message is being seen by the user in Real-Time. Rethink I.T., Inc. has developed yet another solution that indeed makes their platform smarter and more proactive. Through these examples, communication in the world of Safety and Health is well guided thus making users and audiences a few steps ahead in their safety and health game.

The world of Safety, Internet and Social Media today is much wider and is growing increasingly. The trend seems to be quickly increasing due to audiences and users that are interested in being a part of this Safety Practice, though they are not professionals themselves. Because of Social Media, the interest of individuals being exposed to contents regarding Safety and Health practices is strengthened because they can relate to such and having the power of the internet and Social Media platforms alongside it to spread awareness and stand as a reliable source, many are now reaching out through Social to better their knowledge and interest regarding such field. OSH or HSE is finally being recognized more through this unconventional yet highly effective method, wherein platforms use the internet and Social Media to gain better traction of their audiences and reach more individuals. 

Safety, Internet and Social is indeed the trifecta that makes a “win-win” relationship for all users and individuals, by making and ensuring easy Safety and Health communication, collaboration and learning.

** Rethink I.T., Inc. – Leader in Management Software Solutions. Creators of the Philippines’ First Safety and Risk Management automation software solutions. Living up to the advocacy of Safety Simplified and driven by their passion of protecting people, environment and business. You can follow them on social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to learn more about their products. FB: Rethink Safety, LinkedIn: Rethink Safety and YouTube: Rethink I.T.

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