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Articles Signage(s) in amusement parks and attractions

Signage(s) in amusement parks and attractions

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Using signages effectively, Amusement Parks and Attractions enable to enlist their visitors as partners in enjoying rides safely and correctly.  Make options from temporary to permanent, outdoor to indoor, large or small, customizable to any shape, size or material should be available depending on the particular requirement.  Using UVA/UVB resistant ink which provides durable signage that will resist sun shade should be considered.
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Related information:
  • Signs should be targeted and more specific concerning the risks involved in riding various rides in an amusement park. Information should be articulated in a direct and meaningful way to allow patrons the ability to make an informed decision about the associated risks.
  • Signs demonstrating how to properly brace for a ride and any health restrictions should be posted so that caregivers can determine if the person is capable of managing the ride.
  • Signage must be provided at the entrance of the queue or waiting line for each accessible amusement ride to identify the type of access provided on the ride (e.g., rides with wheelchair spaces or transfer rides). If the route to the accessible load area is different for persons with disabilities than for other riders, there must be signage indicating the location of the accessible load area so that riders can avoid unnecessary backtracking.
  • Specific content of the New York State Department of Labor Division of Safety and Health Code Rules Part 45-2 (Amusement Devices and Temporary Structures) indicates the following:
Ҥ 45-2.17 Signs.
  1. Usage and warning signs. Legible signs shall be conspicuously posted containing safety guidelines to be followed and behavior or activities which are prohibited.  Such signs shall contain warnings that there are inherent risks in the participation in or on the amusement device, since it is recognized that participation in or on the device may be hazardous regardless of all feasible safety measures that can be undertaken by the device owner or operator; and that there is a duty for the patrons to become apprised of the warnings and the risks inherent in participation in or on the amusement device if the warnings are not obeyed. Prior to participation in or on such amusement device, patrons shall familiarize themselves with the posted safety warnings so that they may make an informed decision of whether to participate in or on the device notwithstanding the risks.
  2. Legible signs indicating safety guidelines and any restrictions shall be conspicuously posted at the entrance to all amusement devices covered by subdivision 45-1.11(b). Where the owner deems it necessary, these signs shall contain the minimum height needed to ride the device. At the discretion of the owner, similar signs containing safety guidelines, restrictions and/or height requirements may be posted at the entrances to any devices not covered by above.”
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