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Articles Why Safety? - Part 1

Why Safety? - Part 1

Principal Author / Publisher:Joanne Dionela
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This is going to be a 5-Part Article based on my Ebook, Why Safety? I hope that this Article Series will bring a new perspective about the purpose and meaning of Safety.


Safety in general, is defined as freedom from work-related danger or risk of injury and illness, and, protection and preservation of worker’s well-being, property or business and environment.

There are three traditional reasons why industries or companies practice Safety as widely known in the industry: One, is because of social responsibility; two, for economic and business

sustainability or productivity; and three, because of legal accountability.

Though Safety is a reasonably noble practice of protecting people, it is usually confined in the industry because it is generally perceived as an industry concern, a so-called “secular” profession that has no spiritual implications. However, considering that Safety involves human beings and is a subject open for theological evaluation, as a Christian believer, an Engineer, and a Safety Professional, I wondered if this “noble” profession has biblical roots.

So, I searched among the best safety management books I could find. Yet, I was not satisfied with the explanations from the technical references. On the other hand, I could not find writings that clearly tackled the foundation and purpose of Safety from a theological perspective. Because of these gaps, I did my own research. I believe that there is a biblical basis for the practice of Safety because God is the source and preserver of life; created man in His own image to emulate His nature, and provided the Bible as the best reference not only for personal, but also corporate practice.

Safety is not merely a “secular” or a non-spiritual occupation but is also sacred with respect to God’s image in people, and if done in Biblical context and principles, becomes an act of faith and worship to God, whether in the industry or ministry.

Safety has a Spiritual value.

It is said that you are only as strong as your foundation. The same is true when it comes to doing Safety. Hence, the purpose of this Article Series is to present the foundation, principles, and holistic model of Safety that it may provide knowledge to industry practitioners on the real value of their profession; make the safety professionals appreciate the responsibility of protecting workers in their companies even more, and, possibly realign their values and practices on why they should be doing Safety in the first place.

To be continued on Part 2: The Evolution of Safety. Stay tuned.

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